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Writer & Director Daan van ‘t Einde
Ass. Director Lucas Lôbo
First A.D. / Production Nikita van Gilst
Second A.D. Lisa van de Ruit
Clapper Loader Lindy van Hillo
D.O.P. Maarten Langelo
First A.C. Jesse Zé Soepnel
Second A.C. Remco Schutz
Gaffer Dick Merx
Assistant Aiyana Olaria
Sound Recordist Frits de Bruijn
Art Director Lisa Berkhuysen
Props / Art Max Middelburg
Props / Art / Still Photography Jeffrey Kooijer
Hair & Make-up / Special Effects Noa van der Geer
Runners Wart Frencken
Marius Koch
Host Mark van Uum
Music Composer Arjan van Tricht


Julia Florence Belle
Edward Kevin Tuhipua
Baby Dahlia Shukri
Mary Ulrica de la Mar
News Presenter Floris Boone
News Reporter Ruth Slotman

Special thanks:

Filmed in: Llyod Hotel Amsterdam
Elisabeth Weeshuis Museum Culemborg
Special thanks: GVB Metro Amsterdam
Dahlia Shukri
Matthijs van Issum
Daniël J. Manuputtij
Ronnie Stafford
Marianne Schoonderbeek
Leonie Zijlstra
Thomas Muis
Charly Horst
Marco van Hintum

Based on the script ‘Breach’ for:

That Film Festival – 2020.


Love, mom – short film

Julia is given a horrible choice: To help kill innocent strangers or watch her newborn die. How far will she go to save her child?
Love, Mom is a short drama/ thriller film shot in The Netherlands. Viewers described this as an intense film with an emotional and compelling plot. The films dark atmosphere creates tension for many viewers. As such it strikes a balance between a drama and a thriller. It features a story line that especially resonates with many mothers, who recognize the vulnerability of the character even more than other viewers might.

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